DHG-9070A blast drying oven

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DHG-9070A blast drying oven product introduction:

DHG-9070A blast drying oven adopts horizontal cabinet structure, the instrument is on the right side of the box, and the box is small and convenient for test movement. High brightness and wide window LCD display, clear and intuitive indication. The instrument is especially suitable for the testing of electronic components, rubber, plastics, decorative materials, etc.; the products produced by advanced CNC processing equipment; It is an indispensable equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units, etc. for drying, baking, melting wax, sterilization, etc.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven Product details:
DHG-9070A blast drying oven product details
DHG-9070A blast drying oven product details
DHG-9070A blast drying oven Temperature control instrument:
The product adopts comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility design and user-friendly menu design. It adopts the self-developed adaptive temperature control technology for temperature control, The operation of the device is simplified, and the drawbacks such as the need for multiple parameter adjustments in the conventional PID control technology are solved.Dual screen high brightness and wide window digital display, the indication value is clear and intuitive. Microcomputer intelligent control, after setting the temperature, the meter controls the heating power by itself, and displays the heating state, and the temperature control is stable. Over temperature alarm and automatically cut off the heating power. With timing function, the timing time is up to 9999 minutes.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven insulation layer:
High performance insulation structure. From the inside to the outside, there are inner cavity, inner shell, ultra-fine glass fiber, air interlayer, and the inner heat loss is small. The inner casing and the door lining mechanism are unique, which greatly reduces the heat transfer of the inner cavity.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven cabinet internal structure:
The electric heater placed on the back of the box is discharged forward through the side air passage. After being dried, it is sucked by the high-performance special fan to form a reasonable air passage, which can fully convect the hot air and make the temperature inside the box uniform.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven body external structure:
It adopts streamlined arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed; the working room shelf can be adjusted according to the user's requirements and the number of shelves; the inner tank is made of stainless steel.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven Features:
DHG-9070A blast drying oven product details
● LCD intelligent temperature controller, menu-based operation interface, easy to use, precise temperature control.
● With temperature correction, over temperature alarm, timing settings, call recovery, parameter memory and other functions.
●The air circulation system inside the cabinet is automatically discharged by the self-developed air duct circulation system, and there is no trouble of manual adjustment.
●The surface of the cold-rolled steel plate is made of advanced spraying technology. The inner tank is made of stainless steel four-corner and semi-circular arc, which is easy to clean and the spacing of the shelves in the box is adjustable.
●The glass fiber insulation material between the studio and the outer box, the thickness of the insulation layer is thickened, the temperature isolation effect is good, the inner heat loss is small, the design between the studio and the outer box is reasonable, and the heat source loss is reduced. The high quality sealing material is used between the door and the door frame, and the high temperature resistance and anti-aging sealing performance are good.
●The air duct in the box adopts a unique circulating air duct. The fan is composed of a multi-blade centrifugal fan and a circulating air duct. The heat source of the stainless steel electric heating tube located in the box supplies air to the working chamber through the air duct, and passes through the other air duct after circulating in the working chamber. Inhalation, forming a circulating hot air, so that the temperature inside the box is uniform, so that the temperature in the working chamber is uniform.
● The left side of the cabinet is equipped with a test hole with a diameter of 25mm, which can be used for external test power or signal lines.
●It adopts nickel-chromium alloy stainless steel electric heater, which has fast heating and long service life.
● Independent temperature limit alarm system, when the temperature exceeds the limit temperature, the heating power supply is automatically cut off to ensure that the experiment runs safely without accidents.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven maintenance

1. The drying box consumes a large amount of current, so it must have sufficient capacity for the power cord, knife switch, fuse, plug, socket, etc. For safety, the case should be grounded.
2, the items placed in the box should not be too much, too crowded. If the dried item is wet, open the venting window. When heated, the blower can be activated so that the water vapor is accelerated out of the tank. But don't let the blower run continuously for a long time, pay attention to proper rest.
3. The heat sink on the lower part of the drying box should not be placed to avoid rotting or causing burning.
4. When the glassware is sterilized by high temperature dry heat, the temperature inside the box must be lowered before the door can be opened to prevent the glass from bursting due to cold.
5. It is strictly forbidden to put flammable, explosive and volatile items into the box to avoid accidents.
6. If you need to observe the items in the constant temperature room, you can open the outer door and observe it through the inner glass door. The number of opening the door should not be too much, so as not to affect the constant temperature. The drying box is used for drying and dry heat sterilization of the articles. It is divided into two types: blast drying and vacuum drying. The blast drying is to blow out the hot air through the circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance inside the box. The vacuum drying is to use a vacuum pump to air the box. It is a common instrument and equipment to take out the atmospheric pressure below the normal pressure and make the product test in a very clean state.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven precautions

(1) When the drying box is kept at a constant temperature and dried, the heat-dissipating plate below the constant temperature room cannot be placed to avoid rotting or causing burning.
(2) The electric current consumed by the electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven is relatively large. Therefore, the power cord, knife switch, fuse, plug, socket, etc. it uses must have sufficient capacity. For safety, the case should be grounded.
(3) The items placed in the box should not be excessive or over-squeezed.
(4) It is strictly forbidden to put flammable, explosive and volatile items into the box to avoid accidents.
(5) When the glassware is subjected to high-temperature dry heat sterilization, it is necessary to wait for the temperature in the box to decrease before opening the door to prevent the glass from suddenly bursting and being cracked.
(6) If you need to observe the items in the constant temperature room.
(7) Each industrial oven is provided with two specimen shelves. The average load per shelf is 15 kg. Do not over-tighten and overload the test specimens to avoid affecting hot air convection.
(8) Do not place the cabinet in a corrosive environment containing acid or alkali to avoid breaking the electronic components.
DHG-9070A blast drying oven optional accessories

1) Programmable liquid crystal controller, which can realize adjustable heating rate and adjustable holding time.
2) Independent temperature limit controller, which can cut off the heating immediately after the main controller fails and the temperature rises too high.
3) Paperless recorder, which can display monochrome curve, bar graph, number, mix, recall, alarm, etc. for device temperature, display, store, print, manage, analyze, USB interface, recording interval: 1 second ---1 points, storage space: long records can be more than half a year. As a replacement for ordinary paper recorders.
4) With RS-485 interface, it can be connected to computer and recorder to realize real-time monitoring work status.
5) Temperature test hole, can realize different test lines or instruments inserted into the equipment working room for various tests. The test hole diameter is φ25, φ50, φ80.
6) Carrier bracket, the standard configuration of the equipment is 2 carrier brackets, customers can add the number of brackets according to specific requirements.

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DHG 9070A blast drying oven product parameters

Q:How to judge the quality of high temperature blast drying oven?

A:The material of the high temperature blast drying oven affects the quality and results, so we first look at the material from the outside of the high temperature blast drying oven:
1. Look at the steel plate, the steel plate must be thick, shop around, you can feel the thickness and thinness with a finger tap. Internally mounted rails, filled with environmentally friendly aluminum silicate fiber cotton, painted on the outer surface of the casing, durable, energy-saving heater, reasonable vacuum system, venting system, nitrogen filling system, perfect control system, making the studio The temperature is more uniform and the water content is lower.
2. Look at the spray paint, a qualified drying box, all need to be sprayed, the paint must be even, so as to prevent rust and dust.
3. Look at the glass, the glass must be thicker, but also pay attention to whether there is crack in the periphery of the glass. If there is a crack, it means there is a hidden danger, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is troublesome.
4. Look at the internal components of the drying box, using flexible and adjustable shelves, and the layer height can be adjusted. Strip-shaped shelves for easy access to products. The use of a small glass observation window facilitates heat preservation even when observed. The seal is made of silicone rubber that is temperature and durable and has a high degree of vacuum.

Q:What should I do if the electric heating blast drying oven is overheated?

A:Old-fashioned oven products use mechanical temperature regulators and do not have over-temperature protection. Therefore, it is recommended that users generally use intelligent temperature controllers to implement temperature control. At the same time, the temperature-protection switch is used as an independent over-temperature protector to over-temperature limit the product. Obviously, it is necessary to increase the reliability in safety.
Before turning on the device, first turn the knob of the thermostat switch clockwise to the limit. Then boot according to the steps specified in the manual. Otherwise, it may cause an alarm to be turned on and the power is turned off. At this time, you need to turn off the power, adjust the thermostat switch and turn it on again.
If the bell sounds and shuts down when the temperature of the studio has not reached the temperature set by the meter after power on, then the adjustment value of the thermostat switch is lower than the set temperature value of the meter. Also need to turn off the power, re-adjust the thermostat switch and turn it on.
If the temperature of the studio exceeds the temperature set by the meter after power on, it means that the over-temperature bell does not ring.
At this time, the user needs to finely adjust the temperature protection switch according to the method disclosed in the instruction manual. In this way, the temperature control switch can be used to cut off the power supply when the temperature controller is out of control, so as to protect the products and equipment and avoid major accidents.
Please refer to the instruction manual for the specific adjustment method.